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  • VOC chemical filter
  • VOC chemical filter
  • VOC chemical filter
VOC chemical filterVOC chemical filterVOC chemical filter

VOC chemical filter

  • BRAND: Chengjing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • voc:95~99.9%
  • Product description: VOC chemical filter

Product introductionVOC chemical filter is used to remove VOC waste gas when it has the maximum function, and it is usually used in the environment where VOC waste gas will be produced in the process of printing circuit, screen printing, screen printing machine, equipment and machine, etc. , the device can quickly absorb and decompose VOC waste gas, which not only protects the health of production staff, but also meets the environmental emission standards. Our company is usually based on the user's exhaust gas of gaseous pollutants and concentration to develop practical solutions to users, if users do not know how to detect the composition and concentration of gaseous pollutants, our company can provide paid service for testing the composition and concentration of gaseous pollutants before developing the solution.

一、product characteristics

1. Low running cost and easy to use.

2. Unique low vibration, low noise design.

3. The wind speed is even and the fan is adjustable.

4. Fan Box and filter are separated, it is convenient to change the filter.

5. according to the application environment design, according to the customer environment demand production customization.

二、Material and technical parameters

1. Shell: aluminum-zinc clad, cold painted, 201 or 304 stainless steel, mirror stainless steel.

2. FAN: 400 ultra-low Noise Domestic AC fan, DC fan.

3. Wind Speed: 1.0 m/S + 20% .

4. Adsorption and decomposition ability: 99.9% .

5. Filter Media: VOC removal waste gas chemical filter media composite material.

6. System control mode: single automatic control, group control.

7. Maximum temperature and humidity: 80 ° C, 80%

三、Specifications, models and technical parameters of common products


External dimensions(mm)

Chemical filter dimensions(mm)

Wind volume(m?/h)

Efficiency of chemical decomposition

Wind speed(m/s)















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