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High-tech purification equipment co., LTD. (shenzhen) corp
Address: guangdong province shenzhen longgang district henggang town security community

Chengdu high-tech purification equipment co., LTD. (air filter)

Address: west of chengdu high tianchen road 186 (park)

Mobile: (0086)18780263326  (0086)15928853231   (0086)13540823101


Tel: +(86) 028-87849573

FAX:+(86) 028-87849573

E-mail:  joanna.song@outlook.com   CDGK@CDFFU.com  2541564050@qq.com

Website: http://www.cdffu.com



Contact: manager.zhan

Phone: 15928853231

Tel: 028-87849573

Email: 2541565040@qq.com

Add: Chengdu Gaoxin West District Science and Technology Park

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