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Air filter fire grade standard

Air filter fire grade standard

Fire rating for air filters, UL Insurers 'Laboratory Standard, UL-900-1997

Grade II(Class 1)

The filter(when clean) does not burn in the open fire and emits only a very small amount of smoke.

Class 2

Filters(when clean) are slightly burned by open fire, or emit limited smoke, or both.

Filter structure and fire classification, US Institute of Environmental Science and Technology IES-RP-CC001.3-1993

The first category(Grade 1):

Non-combustion structure, can withstand the harsh environment, strong structure. It is mainly used for military, Atomic Energy, and important industries.

Meet the United States military standard MIL-F-51068.

The second category(Grade 2):

The flame retardant structure is tested by water resistance tests, low temperature tests, and part of the military standard MIL-F-51068.

Test to meet the UL-586 standard in the United States(flame test).

The third category(Grade 3):

In the event of fire, it does not burn, but only emits trace amounts of smoke. Level 1 of the UL-900 standard.

The fourth category(Grade 4):

Light combustion or limited smoke in contact with fire. Meet the second level of the UL-900 standard.

Category V(Grade 5):

The structure of flame retardant material, no flame retardant material, produces only a small amount of smoke or does not produce smoke in the event of fire. For air filtration at the top or side of the clean room.

The sixth category(Grade 6):

For places without special fire protection requirements and not very important


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