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Chengdu high-tech purification equipment co., LTD., founded in 2008, domestic brand air filter manufacturer
Specializing in the production of air filters, high efficiency air filters, fan filter unit head, the early effect air filter, air filter efficiency, head, fan, clean booth, clean bench, ion wind rainRoom, purification equipment, purification engineering, and other products specializing in the production processing of a limited liability company.

The company has an independent plant and supporting facilities, the business scope includes: at the beginning of all kinds of efficient filter, medium efficiency filters, high efficiency filter, air shower, transmission Windows, air supply outlet, workbench, laminar flow hood head, etc. All kinds of air purification products.Mainly in the service of plastic electronic, microelectronic, precision instrument, biological medicine, food processing, aerospace, chemical, spraying, the hospital ward, central air conditioning, incinerator, cement factories, cigarette factories, schools, government agencies, and many other fields.

Other purification equipment produced by our company are: air shower | single/double double double wind/more than three blow air shower shower | | goods such as air shower channel | goods shower | clean bench vertical flow clean bench | | level super clean workbench | | medical ultraclean workbench biomedicine workbench purification | stainless steel workbench | | | transfer window bio-safety cabinets pass box | | air shower type transfer window air shower pass box | standard transfer window | | self-purification device automatically wash hand dryer sampling fresh tank car | | | laminar flow hood | laminar flow air supply unit (head) | | fan filter unit efficient | moisturizing type high efficiency air supply outlet of air supply outlet | efficient air supply outlet can be abandoned type integration | clean tent (purification work shed) | purification shed purification equipment with the junior middle school high efficiency air filter and so on various types of air purification filters.


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