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Air purification units

  • Multi-stage air purification cabinet
  • Multi-stage air purification cabinet
  • Multi-stage air purification cabinet
Multi-stage air purification cabinetMulti-stage air purification cabinetMulti-stage air purification cabinet

Multi-stage air purification cabinet

  • BRAND: ChengJing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Efficiency:G4-H14(45%-99.999%)
  • Product description: Multi-stage air purification cabinet

Multi-stage air purification cabinet

The multi-stage air purification cabinet has beautiful appearance, complete function, reasonable structure, good strength, low leakage rate, low noise, smooth operation, and good thermal insulation effect.

Cold bridge measures, simple and convenient installation and maintenance, flexible fitting and so on. The basic functions of the unit include the new and return wind mixing section, the initial effect filtration section, the fan section, and the

Flow segment, medium efficiency filter segment, sub-high efficiency filter segment, etc.. According to different design requirements, the table can be equipped with cooling, heating, muffler, high-efficiency filtration and other functional segments.

Performance description

Ventilation: 3000 m3/h -200000 m3/h;

The box body adopts high-quality cold-rolled multi-plate and high-strength three-dimensional angle joints. The surface is treated with electrostatic paint, and the structure is firm and the appearance is beautiful.

The fixed surface of the box panel is designed without screws, and the maintenance door adopts rotary locking fastening to make the anti-cooling bridge effect and maintenance more convenient;

The fan adopts a double-inlet wind multi-wing centrifugal efficient fan, which has low noise, high efficiency, low energy consumption, smooth operation, small vibration, and large range of working temperature and humidity.

Other characteristics;

The fan bearing adopts international famous brand products, and can avoid maintenance during normal use; ::

The combination method is flexible, and the combination method of different functional segments is adopted according to the use requirements to achieve different air treatment requirements;

The base adopts groove steel or U-type steel, and the structure is firm, which can ensure that no deformation is generated during transportation and lifting, and it is safer.

Convenient assembly, easy to achieve the on-site assembly of large units;


It is suitable for purifying air-conditioning projects such as electronics, medicine, chemicals, precision machinery, food, optics, and instrumentation.

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