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  • New wind total heat exchanger
  • New wind total heat exchanger
New wind total heat exchangerNew wind total heat exchanger

New wind total heat exchanger

  • BRAND: ChengJing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Heat production: cold and heat exchange
  • Product description: New wind total heat exchanger

New wind total heat exchanger

The new wind system can effectively solve the problems of chest tightness, weakness of hands and feet, and bacterial breeding caused by space closure and indoor air non-circulation. At present, more and more users choose to use the full heat exchanger new wind system. The full heat exchanger new wind system can recover the heat and humidity of the indoor exhaust wind to deal with the new wind, effectively saving energy. At the same time, the new air system of the total heat exchanger can filter and purify the new air outside, ensuring that the air entering the room is fresh and clean. Nowadays, almost all home appliances need to be installed, such as air conditioners, ventilation fans, cigarette smokers, etc.. In addition, the installation of electrical appliances is very complicated. Sometimes, the master is asked to install and queue up, and time and money are wasted. very headache. I 've seen a lot of people on the Internet asking about the installation steps of the full heat exchanger, so today, let's tell you about the installation steps of the full heat exchanger.

Installation of full heat exchanger-What is full heat exchanger

The working principle of the full heat exchanger is: When the product is working, the indoor exhaust wind and the new wind flow through the heat exchanger core in a positive way. Due to the temperature difference and steam partial pressure difference on both sides of the air flow separator, the two air flows pass through the separator. Heat transfer and mass transfer phenomenon, Causing full heat exchange. During summer operation, the new wind gets a cold amount from the air conditioning exhaust air, which reduces the temperature and is dried by the air conditioning air at the same time, reducing the humidity of the new wind; During winter operation, the new wind gets heat from the air conditioning room and the temperature rises. In this way, the heat transfer process of the heat transfer core allows the new wind to recover energy from the air conditioning exhaust.Installation of full heat exchanger-Installation steps of full heat exchanger

1. Before installation, check that all parts are complete, disconnect all power supplies to avoid electric shock, read the installation instructions carefully, determine the location of the installation, etc., and do safety measures.

2. Body Installation Please install the auxiliary air outlet on the air outlet. Use 25 series of 12 auxiliary screws, install 3 screws for one air outlet, 24 screws for 50 series, and install 6 screws for one air outlet. A total of 4 lifting bolts should be installed. Care should be taken to adjust the length of the lifting bolts to ensure that the space between the body and the ceiling is more than 25mm, and the space between the body and the mounting surface of the lifting bolts is more than 20mm.

3. Install the lifting parts of the body on the lifting bolts. Make sure the direction of the outdoor installation is correct. Do not reverse the installation and fix the nuts and washers. Install the body level, insert the air duct into the connecting ports and seal it with tape. When carrying on the wind tunnel construction, please do not touch the fan with your hand. The pipe connected to the outside of the room must be tilted with the outside when installing to prevent rain invasion. With the outdoor connection of the pipeline, the outer wall must be done good insulation treatment.

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