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Hospital decontamination equipment

  • Electrolytic Plate
  • Electrolytic Plate
  • Electrolytic Plate
Electrolytic PlateElectrolytic PlateElectrolytic Plate

Electrolytic Plate

  • BRAND: Chengjing hi-tech
  • Size: custom
  • Decontamination level: 100
  • Product description: Special Electrolytic Steel Plate for operating room

The special electrolytic steel plate for operating room, also known as electrolytic paint plate, is made of high quality electrolytic steel plate of 成都高科净化设备有限公司 target='_blank'>shanghai Baoshan Iron and Steel Co. .

  1. Steel Plate: select the original quality material of 成都高科净化设备有限公司 target='_blank'>shanghai Baosteel (thickness of steel plate t = 1.0mm, 1.2mm and t = 1.5mm optional)

  2.  Finish: For high-voltage electrostatic powder paint;

  3.  Yin-yang Angle Treatment: R300 ARC transition;

  4. Big Arc avoid sanitary dead angle, dust-free, conducive to indoor air flow, reduce the creation of the vortex area, improve the purification effect

  5.  integral module hanging board installation, easy and reliable installation, quick disassembly and maintenance, for the operating room to provide a great convenience to upgrade. Professional surface paint processing, to ensure the effective life of more than 20 years, ever new! 6. anti-radiation Operating Room Clip Wall can also be installed more than 2 mm of dense lead plate, to ensure the health of the surrounding staff. At the same time, supporting windows and doors to consider radiation protection measures.

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