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  • Laminar flow dome
  • Laminar flow dome
  • Laminar flow dome
Laminar flow domeLaminar flow domeLaminar flow dome

Laminar flow dome

  • BRAND: Chengjing hi-tech
  • Size: custom
  • EFFICIENCY: H14(99.999%)
  • Product description: Laminar flow dome

The utility model relates to a pharmaceutical laminar flow hood, which is an air purification combined device capable of providing a local high clean environment. The 100-grade Laminar flow cover is mainly composed of box, Fan, primary effect filter, high efficiency filter, lamp, uniform flow membrane, control and so on. Medical 100-grade Laminar flow hood can be suspended, but also ground support, compact structure, easy to use, 100-grade Laminar flow hood chassis made of anti-fingerprint Stainless Steel Sus304, one-piece bending production molding, no pipe clean, easy to clean and disinfect.

COMPONENTS: 1. Air Inlet Flange 2. STAINLESS STEEL SMOKE PIPE 3. Centrifugal Booster Fan 4. DOP Detection Port 5. Wind pressure differential meter 6. Frequency conversion speed control switch 7. Tank Filter 8. Led Lighting 9. FLOW-SHARING MEMBRANE FEATURES: Pharmaceutical hundred-grade Laminar flow hood can be used alone, but also can be connected to form a band-shaped clean area. The laminar flow cover is a uniform layer formed by passing the air through the high efficiency filter at a certain wind speed. It is a vertical unidirectional flow of clean air, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the working area to meet the requirements of the process. The 100-class Laminar Flow Hood has fan built-in type, the installation method has two kinds of hanging type and floor bracket type. After passing the air through the high efficiency air filter with a certain air pressure through the fan and passing through the uniform flow film, the Laminar flow of clean air is sent to the working area, thus ensuring that the working area reaches the high cleanliness required by the process.


Custom-made to customer size


Class A

Rated Air Volume:

calculated according to size

Total Power:

Based on the number of fans calculated

Fan Full pressure:




Wind speed:


Speed Regulation:

Frequency Converter or LCD screen control


anti-flanged tank filter

Overall material:



suspended ceiling/ground support

Direction of intake:

side/top intake

Note: The company can make non-standard products according to customers'requirement of cleanness and dimension.

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