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HEPA Purification Filter

  • Compound antibacterial HEPA
  • Compound antibacterial HEPA
Compound antibacterial HEPACompound antibacterial HEPA

Compound antibacterial HEPA

  • BRAND: Chengjing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Efficiency:H10-H12(95%-99.5%)
  • Product description: Compound antibacterial HEPA

Compound antibacterial HEPA

The compound antimicrobial HEPA is a combination of a high-efficiency low-resistance melting spray and a zero-resistance antimicrobial aggregate. The HEPA filter is folded in multiple layers, and the area after expansion is about 11 times higher than when folded. The net filtration performance is excellent. The compound antimicrobial HEPA filter paper is effectively adsorbed and purified with ultra-fine suspended particles with a strong penetrating particle size of about 0.005 μm in the air through deep electrostatic standing. Such as heavy metal powder, dust, pollen, grinding particles, flue gas, spores, liquid particles, cigarette smoke, virus, carbon black, coal smoke, combustion core and other more than 80 kinds of harmful suspensions and suspended particles, the purification efficiency is as high as 99.972 %, the resistance is only 32Pa, Filter paper on Staphylococcus aureus antibacterial level of 5.2(standard antibacterial level ≥ 2.0). During the test of CADR values, the amount of clean air reached 530m3/h(national standard: clean air volume 170m3/h is national A level).
Filter performance:
The comprehensive properties of the compound antibacterial HEPA are as follows: filter paper efficiency: ≥ 99.97 %, filter paper resistance: ≤ 35Pa, antibacterial level: 5.2 test method: This experiment is based on the standard GB/T18801-2008 "Air Purification Machine", GB/T18883-2002 "Indoor Air Quality Standards", ISO20743:2013 "Textives-Detertinationalactivityactivificitactiveducducts".
Quality control
Before the compound antibacterial HEPA is delivered, the following tests will be conducted: antibacterial level, filtration efficiency, resistance, wind speed / wind volume, CADR value
Use of guidelines
In order to ensure that the compound antibacterial HEPA effectively purifies indoor air, use the following conditions:
Temperature: 253Kto 323K(-20 °C to 50 °C)
Humidity: 10-95 % RH
Purification effect: The compound antibacterial HEPA has an efficiency of 99.97 % for 0.1 microns and 0.3 microns. The HEPA net is characterized by air that can pass through, but tiny particles can not pass through. For E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc., the antibacterial level is 5.2.
Service life: To ensure the filtration efficiency of the filtration system, the compound antibacterial HEPA can be tested regularly to determine the filter life and maintenance time. The service life of the ordinary home environment is not less than 8 months.
Installation and Treatment
Installation: can be handled by the compound antibacterial HEPA ear band.
Exhaust gas treatment: After failure, the compound antibacterial HEPA can be disposed of according to local laws and regulations.
Advantages: high efficiency, low resistance, strong antibacterial, high CADR value, non-toxic and harmless, natural degradation, no pollution, authoritative certification

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