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Air filtration materials

  • Activated carbon fiber cotton
  • Activated carbon fiber cotton
Activated carbon fiber cottonActivated carbon fiber cotton

Activated carbon fiber cotton

  • Brand:GAOKE
  • Size:Customize
  • Absorption rate:70%-85%
  • Product description: Activated carbon fiber cotton

Activated carbon fiber cotton

Activated carbon fiber is one of the products juxtaposed with activated carbon. Activated carbon is mainly granular, while activated carbon fiber has mainly felt, cloth, and filamentous forms. It uses plant-based fiber(mucous fiber) or other organic polymers as raw materials. Formed and activated. Its main element is carbon, and carbon atoms exist in the form of chaotic stacking of graphite-like microcrystals in activated carbon fibers. The three-dimensional space is less ordered. More than 90 % of the pores generated after activation are micropores. This provides a large amount of inner surface area for activated carbon fibers.

Another feature of activated carbon fiber is that it has a large external area, and a large number of micropores are open on the surface of the fiber. During the adsorption and absorption process, the molecular adsorption pathway is short, and the adsorbent can directly enter the micropores. This provides the conditions for the rapid adsorption of activated carbon fiber and the effective use of micropores. The activated carbon needs to pass through a long adsorption channel composed of large holes and transition holes. Compared with granular activated carbon, it has the characteristics of large surface area, developed fine pores, high adsorption performance, fast desorption speed, and reusable use.

Activated carbon fiber can be widely used in:

1 Solvent recovery: Benzene, ketone, Ester, petroleum can be adsorbed and recovered.

2 Air purification: It can adsorb and filter the stench, body odor, flue gas, toxic gas, O3, SO2, NO, etc. in the air.

3 Water purification: Can remove heavy metal ions, carcinogens, odors, mildew, bacteria and decolorization in water; Can be used for tap water, food industry water and industrial pure water treatment;

4 Environmental protection works: exhaust gas and sewage treatment;

5 anti-virus masks, anti-virus clothing, cigarette filters, etc.;

The extraction or recovery of precious metals and the adsorption of radioactive materials can also be used as catalyst carriers and stationary phases of gas chromatography;

7 Medical use for bandages, acute antidote, artificial kidneys, etc.;

8 Electronic and energy applications, such as high-capacity capacitors, batteries, etc.;

High temperature and insulation materials

Activated carbon fiber can be divided into two series according to different materials: adhesive and polyacrylonitrile.

According to the form, there are:

Activated carbon fiber felt fiber fiber fiber cloth activated carbon fiber silk activated carbon fiber paper

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