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Medical gas door

  • Automatic lead radiation proof door
  • Automatic lead radiation proof door
  • Automatic lead radiation proof door
Automatic lead radiation proof doorAutomatic lead radiation proof doorAutomatic lead radiation proof door

Automatic lead radiation proof door

  • BRAND: ChengJing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Braking mode: automatic
  • Product description: Automatic lead radiation proof door

Lead radiation door

1. Protective door:
(1)Must use steel structure frame (lead equivalent according to the design protection standards, strict quality control), strong steel frame combination, open, push and pull flexible and light. It is required to select the special protective profile door frame and edge, and the radiation protection effect conforms to gb18871-2002 standard. Long-term use no deformation, no rust, no solder joint, beautiful and generous. The hinge shall be reinforced.
(2)The door exterior decoration for anti-static spray steel plate or stainless steel plate veneer, thickness of more than 0.85mm.
(3) with door machine interlock device and outside the top with work warning lights.
(4) the door is equipped with a special ionizing radiation warning sign.
(5) electric door: joint venture brand brushless dc motor for driving machine selection; Mechanical transmission super quiet design. Equipped with anti - extrusion device to ensure low failure rate. The protective door can be opened and closed manually during power failure.

1. Operating performance: it has four operating devices; A. the remote control opens and closes the door; B. Luxury elevator control panel, control button to open and close; C. pedal type control switch is optional; D. manual opening and closing after power failure;

2, safety device: with electrical, mechanical, infrared protection device, to ensure safe and reliable use; The infrared protection device can prevent the electric door from squeezing and injuring people in the process of operation.

3, frequency conversion device: through the electric door in the operation of the speed change, to ensure safer use; Safer to use at the same time; At the same time to make it run balanced, low noise;

4. The electric protective door lock adopts the lock and motor interlock device to prevent the door from being damaged when the security lock is not opened. 5. Manual adjustment device is installed on the electric protective door, enabling the protective door to be semi-open or fully open according to users' requirements.

The medical door is divided into single open and double open type, the surface decoration of matte stainless steel plate or aluminum, or according to customer requirements to choose a variety of spray colors. The power beam is reinforced aluminum alloy profile, life up to 2 million times. The door body adopts foaming technology, sensitive resistance detection, increase the safety performance. The door runs smoothly, special controller and foot induction switch performance is superior, automatic door can open and close, also can be operated by hand control switch. The switch time can be adjusted for 5-20 seconds to facilitate the access of personnel and cart. The product is suitable for operating room, clean place.
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