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Medical gas door

  • Medical automatic gas door
  • Medical automatic gas door
  • Medical automatic gas door
Medical automatic gas doorMedical automatic gas doorMedical automatic gas door

Medical automatic gas door

  • BRAND: ChengJing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Open Mode:automatic
  • Product description: Medical automatic gas door

Medical airtight doors are suitable for hospital operating rooms, electronic factory workshops, etc.. They have special places with high sealing requirements for air.

The medical gas door has a second-level performance that exceeds the Japanese JIS US specification, and both positive pressure(pressurized) and negative pressure(decompression) can basically exhibit the same performance. Microcomputer controllers combine foot induction switches or hand induction switches. As long as the medical staff put their feet into the sensor box or use their hands near the sensor, the automatic door can be opened, and the non-contact switch mode is free from pollution. Two-way electric eye inspection automatic door closed, safe access. The door body design adopts hair pattern stainless steel plate or surface spray aluminum plate, conforms to the sanitary requirements used in the hospital.


:: The use of a small, high-power, carbon-free DC brush motor, coupled with a high-speed gearbox system with high transmission efficiency and low noise, which can operate without fault for a long time, even if it is frequently opened and closed.

:: V-shaped rails and arc grooves are designed to allow the door to move downward and inward when closing, so that the rubber around the door frame is closely fitted to the door frame when closing to achieve a sealing effect.

:: Feet switches and dedicated handlebars to facilitate the opening of doors for medical personnel. When the special handle opens the door, the upper part resists the post, and the small push force can open the door.

:: Safety sensors can be selected to effectively prevent people from being pinched, and can be designed to automatically open doors from the room to drive sensors.

:: Operation parameter setting using remote controls is simple and easy to operate.

:: Users can set the effect of the sensor according to their needs and can flexibly design the motion of the sensor according to the doctor's work habits and the characteristics of various types of surgery to achieve the effect.

:: The use of large-radius wear-resistant pulleys to significantly reduce operational noise and improve service life.

:: Good quality belts with low scalability, temperature resistance and high delivery efficiency. The adjustment of belt tensioning wheel device is simple and convenient.

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