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Air filtration materials

  • Glass fiber cotton
  • Glass fiber cotton
Glass fiber cotton Glass fiber cotton

Glass fiber cotton

  • Brand: ChengJing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Efficiency:G2-G3(25%-35%)
  • Product description: Glass fiber cotton
Fiberglass paint resistance network (cotton)

Fiberglass paint resistance network (cotton) using high-quality glass fiber, it is also an environmentally friendly green and white filter material, more fine filaments arranged in a more uniform and orderly, fiberglass mesh with the blocking paint job pressurized air friction generates static electricity, generated when the job more efficiently absorb the excess paint free particles, reduce environmental pollution, the use of this filter allows the air efflux greener, cleaner air circulation within. This filter can be replaced regularly to avoid clogging the paint particles and pollution of the environment.

Fiberglass paint resistance network (cotton) is mainly used to produce excess free particles when the efficient absorption painting, pressure balancing work space, is a typical environmentally friendly materials.

Fiberglass paint resistance network (cotton) has a standard width 750mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 2000mm of four, can be any length.

Model parameters




250 g / m?


60 mm

Maximum air flow:

4320 m3 / h

Minimum pressure:

13 Pascal

Maximum pressure:

250 hPa

Filter results:


Wind speed:

1.20 m / sec.

Dust capacity:

3540 g / m

Working temperature:


Filter class:

G2 (DIN24185)

Fire class:

F-1 (DIN53438)

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