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Chemical Air Filter

  • W-type chemical filter
  • W-type chemical filter
W-type chemical filterW-type chemical filter

W-type chemical filter

  • BRAND: Chengjing hi-tech
  • G4-H14
  • Product description: W-type chemical filter

product introduction

Product Name: W-type chemical filter

Product frame: plastic frame

Product filter material: chemical filter material imported from the United StatesApplicable surface wind speed: 2.5m/s

Removable gas: acid: SO2, H2S, etc; Alkaline: VOC; ozone

Applicable type: corresponding filter material formula can be used for different types of gaseous molecular pollutants (AMC)

Product application: chemical filtration system that can be used to improve air quality. It can be matched with different HVAC systems to provide effective gaseous chemical filtration. In semiconductors, HJ products are used in fresh air (MAU) and circulating air conditioning units (RAU)Provide control of gaseous molecular pollutants in the clean room. The removal efficiency of gaseous molecular pollutants of HJ products can reach more than 90%


Remove toxic and harmful gases, peculiar smell and odor, block the air transmission of viruses and bacteria, and ensure the indoor air quality of the terminal,Provide a healthy and safe environment for passengers and staff, and save energy consumption on the premise of ensuring indoor air quality

Product performance description

Pureair12Chemical filter materials are used to absorb, absorb and neutralize various corrosive gases, oxidizing gases, pungent odors and other gaseous molecular pollutants harmful to human body. Cylindrical porous particles are formed from the combination of powdered activated alumina and other bonded materials, which are appropriately impregnated with potassium permanganate (KMnO4) to provide the best adsorption The ability to absorb and oxidize a variety of gaseous pollutants. The gaseous molecular pollutants are converted into solid salts and stored in particles and cannot be released, eliminating the possibility of secondary pollution caused by absorption and re release. The potassium permanganate content of purair12 is 12%, which is three times that of purair4, and the removal performance is also three times that of salt 4. Pureair12 chemical material has broad-spectrum removal power, which is suitable for outdoor gaseous pollutant filtration, pungent odor control and harmful gas release from indoor building decoration materials and office furniture

Meet the requirements of UL1 fire rating.

Decomposition and adsorption capacity

Vulcanization drive: 23% (weight ratio)

Sulfur dioxide: 11% (weight ratio)

Oxidation moment: 8.2% (weight ratio)

Nitrogen dioxide: 32% (weight ratio)

Formaldehyde: 4.5% (weight ratio)

100kg of salt 12 chemical travel material can remove at least 23.0kg of hydrogen sulfide

Application environment requirements

Temperature: - 20 ° - 51

Relative humidity: 10-95%

Air velocity: 0.30-2.54m/s

Initial removal efficiency: 99.50% (minimum)

Product technical index

Potassium permanganate content: 2% (minimum)

Moisture: 20% (max.)

Compressive strength: 40% - 60%

Wear: 3.0% (max.)

Nominal particle diameter: 3 17mm@85 %

Bulk density: 800kg / M ?

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