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Chemical Air Filter

  • UV photocatalyst filter
  • UV photocatalyst filter
  • UV photocatalyst filter
UV photocatalyst filterUV photocatalyst filterUV photocatalyst filter

UV photocatalyst filter

  • Brand: ChengJing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Efficiency:98%
  • Product description: UV photocatalyst filter

UV photocatalyst filter
Photocatalyst filters have been widely used in air conditioners and air conditioners.
Air purifiers, car purification systems, factory air purification and other products, applicable to a wide range of applications, and widely praised by the users, is an ideal new type of air purification and filtration products used by air purification equipment manufacturers.
Product characteristics:
1, anion activity is strong!
2, high photocatalytic efficiency!
3, kill all kinds of molds, viruses, decomposition of harmful gas thorough, fast!
4, resistant to aging, long service life!
Adopt the Honeycomb as the carrier through the hole structure!
Product specifications: dimensions, aperture size, thickness, material can be designed according to customer requirements customized!
Storage conditions: in a cool, dry, ventilated place, not pressure.
Caution: the use of all kinds of short fiber and dust particles in the air to do a good job to ensure that the photocatalyst filter will not be covered.
After the "Guangzhou Microbial Analysis and Testing Center" test:
Test strain: White Staphylococcus 8032
Experimental results:
0.5 H Average killing rate 99.94 %
Testing standards: Technical specifications for disinfection(Ministry of Health, 2002 edition) Testing for air disinfection efficacy: Laboratory tests
Test space size: test cabinet 1M
Relative humidity of tested environment: 53 %
Test ambient temperature: 21 °C
Note: The results of the extinction rate experiment have eliminated the influence of natural extinction factors of microorganisms in the air

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