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Clean shed

  • All grade clean shed
  • All grade clean shed
  • All grade clean shed
All grade clean shedAll grade clean shedAll grade clean shed

All grade clean shed

  • BRAND: ChengJing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Efficiency:H13-H14(99.99%-99.999%)
  • Product description: All grade clean shed

All grade clean shed

All grade clean shed(Also known as the grade clean workshop)Is one of the clean shed, which is the most rapid, the most convenient time for a simple and clean room.Can clean the shed, the design to achieve the same clean room, clean room with the function of the different clean area.Because it is easy to use, and the elasticity is big, easy installation, short construction period, the characteristics of the mobile is widely used in the general level of clean area want to create more clean workshop, can effectively reduce the cost.

All grade clean shedMainly by the box body, head fan filter unit, high efficiency filter, the damping layer, lamps and lanterns and a frame, can be used alone, also can use multiple connections in series into a larger area clean.

All grade clean canopy characteristics

Level than clean tent provides a very wide range of standard size and cleanliness level (also can realize the cleanliness level 1-10000), almost all the custom configuration or actual specifications.

Soft tent behind the wall clean, removable vinyl anti-static curtain, the most cost-effective requirement, can be applied to any area, only need a special filter unit.

Level than clean the shed is a modular style, easy to install and remove, in order to provide a shorter downtime, the minimum program affect the production efficiency.

Level than clean shed commonly used in electronic, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological chemical industry, etc.

All grade clean shed parameters



Custom size and size are available


Custom size and size are available


Custom size and size are available

The overall structure

Anode extrusion iron box section of the lacquer that bake, stainless steel, aluminum tube frame, article 2.0 mm detachable anti-static ethylene FRT anti-static curtain curtain vinyl shell and 0.3 mm.

The level of cleanliness

The class of 10000

Filtration efficiency

HEPA 99.99%, 0.3 micron ULPA 99.9999%, 0.12 microns

Wind speed (m/s)

0.35 ~ 0.50 m/s

Power supply

50/60 hz AC 220 v;1 3 phi phi

Size and size can be custom, from grade 1 to grade 10000 cleanliness level

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