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Laminar flow operating room

  • Layers send wind canopy
  • Layers send wind canopy
  • Layers send wind canopy
  • Layers send wind canopy
Layers send wind canopyLayers send wind canopyLayers send wind canopyLayers send wind canopy

Layers send wind canopy

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  • Efficiency:Class 100-ten thousand
  • Product description: Layers send wind canopy

Layers send wind canopy

In the operating room, the laminar flow wind ceiling is also called the leakage layer flow ceiling, the laminar flow purification ceiling, and the operating room clean wind ceiling. The laminar flow wind ceiling is a kind of purification device that must be used in the operating room of modern hospitals.

According to the leakproof layer technology, the air supply ceiling produced by the high-tech department relies on the Clean air supply ceiling device in the operating room. The air flow in the clean room can be reasonably distributed using this equipment to effectively ensure the cleanliness of the room.

The equipment adopts air cleaning technology to control microorganism pollution to a different degree, and achieves the requirement that the air cleanliness in the space environment is suitable for various kinds of operations. And provide suitable temperature and humidity to create a clean and comfortable space environment. Can be widely used in hospital clean operating room, clean Ward, clean animal room and other purification room projects.

The laminar flow ceiling is the end of purifying air supply in the clean operating room and laminar flow ward. It has the function of high efficiency filtration, uniform flow and airflow compensation. The rationality of laminar ceiling structure directly affects the air supply effect and purification level of operating room.

The laminar fluidic ceiling is developed with reference to international and domestic norms and technologies. It is divided into Class I, II, III, and IV laminar purifying air ceiling and burn ward laminar ceiling, blood ward laminar ceiling, Ophthalmology operating room laminar ceiling, etc..

Laminar Smallpox Series Materials and Advantages

1. The box body can be made of sheet metal, surface baking paint or polyamine resin composite steel plate making according to the different needs of customers. The outer frame is a T-type special aluminum profile equipped with a spring clasp type installation, which can be fitted with an integrated clean light belt embedded in the ring island, so that the entire clean room has a uniform illumination, and the on-site maintenance and installation is simple and time-saving, anti-corrosion, acid-resistant alkali, and thermal insulation. The effect is good, and the vision is more beautiful.

2. With the imported double DPP damping drift-net, the wind effect is more uniform and softer. The compensation device for mid-speed airflow in the middle zone completely prevents the effect of laminar flow due to the absence of light to obstruct the weakening of the air flow in the center position

3. High efficiency filter can be used to select side cloth type or flat type, and the filtration efficiency can reach 99.999 %.

4. In the event that the floor is not high enough or the ceiling has beams, we provide non-standard smallpox solutions and ensure that the laminar effect is not affected.
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Class I laminar smallpox





Class II laminar smallpox





Class III IV laminar smallpox

Or burn ward laminar smallpox.





Blood Ward, Laminar smallpox.





Laminar smallpox in Ophthalmology operating room




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