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Operating room equipment cabinet

  • Embedded equipment cabinet
  • Embedded equipment cabinet
  • Embedded equipment cabinet
Embedded equipment cabinetEmbedded equipment cabinetEmbedded equipment cabinet

Embedded equipment cabinet

  • BRAND: ChengJing hi-tech
  • Size:Customize
  • Installation: Embedded
  • Product description: Embedded equipment cabinet

Embedded equipment cabinet

Embedded stainless steel instrument cabinet: The device cabinet is made using international standard technology, made of all imported stainless steel plates, moving doors up and down, and the visual effect of sublight hair pattern on the surface is not dizzy; Embedded installation, in line with domestic operating room standards, easy to manage equipment; Applicable to various operating room function requirements, its 45-degree angle technology reached the international level.
A is fully functional and all are embedded structures;
B material adopts 1.5 mm imported cable stainless steel plate;
C frame pulling wire is 45 degrees diagonal treatment, beautiful and beautiful;
The arc of the D fold edge is straight and exquisite;
E-sliding wheel groove, one-time stamping, not easy to dust, easy to clean.
Open up beautiful and comfortable octagonal three-dimensional structure, meet the characteristics of purifying air flow, meet the requirements of purification technology, fully comply with the Ministry of Health's standards of cleanliness.
Strong, seamless, smooth, anti-bacteria, non-reflective, non-Rust, heat-insulation, anti-moisture, air-tight inner wall, set up air-tight electronic induction automatic door, and use module installation construction to save time, materials, low cost effect.
3, the integration of air supply lighting, ensure the air tightness of the clean operating room, the light of the light is soft and shadowless, the frequency, flashing, glare, brightness can be freely adjusted, equipped with exhaust gas discharge system, can timely discharge narcotic exhaust gas and other harmful substances, Ensure the health of patients and medical personnel. And ...
Adopt wear-resistant, anti-static, silent, anti-slip, medical chemical damage, easy to clean imported PVC floor.
5, equipped with embedded stainless steel medicine cabinets, viewing lamps, writing table and other medical equipment, the surgical indoor walls are all flat, to ensure that the air flow according to the design direction, staff movement is not blocked. The suspension tower can not only move up and down without hindrance. The tower can not only move up and down, but also rotate 330 degrees. And with a variety of medical gas terminals and power socket.
6, the clean operating room is completely digitally intelligent, the purification surgery room is not only equipped with temperature, humidity display, Beijing time timing, anaesthesiometer time, operation timing, paging and talking video phone and closed-circuit television, backup power automatic incisor, etc.. In addition, the Environmental Protection and hygiene type purifying air-conditioning units, high-efficiency filters, electrostatic absorbers, energy-saving fans, DDC automatic control systems and other equipment will be scientifically combined into an air supply system to automatically control air volume, air pressure, temperature, and humidity. Different pressure difference is used to prevent the air with low purification level from entering the room with high purification level, and to ensure the reliability and stability of the cleanliness of the purging operating room at different levels. According to the needs of customers can be selected to meet the requirements of clean surgical lamps, surgical beds and other equipment.
In order to ensure the clean effect of the operating department, to achieve the ideal of no infection after surgery, to achieve cleanliness, safety, comfort and convenience. After many years of research and practice experience, we adhere to the principle of simple and convenient functional flow and clean shunt in the overall layout of the operating department to avoid cross-infection. In the design of the air conditioning system, the combination of the cleaning technology and the actual cleanliness required by the clinic is adhered to. The operating room with different cleanliness adopts an independent air conditioning unit to avoid the influence between the operating rooms with different cleanliness and reduce the operating costs. And install the electrostatic dust sterilization device in the return section and the new wind section to prevent the internal pollution of the purification unit.
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