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Laminar flow operating room

  • 100-1000class laminar ceiling
  • 100-1000class laminar ceiling
  • 100-1000class laminar ceiling
100-1000class laminar ceiling100-1000class laminar ceiling100-1000class laminar ceiling

100-1000class laminar ceiling

  • BRAND: Chengjing hi-tech
  • Size: custom
  • Decontamination level: 100-1000
  • Product description: 100-1000class laminar ceiling

Our laminar ceiling adopts the Second Generation German FFA technology. It is the end of purifying air supply in Clean Operating Room and Laminar flow ward. The rationality of Laminar ceiling directly affects the air supply effect and purification level of operating room. Vertical air supply mode, stainless steel laminar air supply ceiling for operating room: The laminar air supply ceiling was developed with reference to international and domestic norms and technologies. After more than 10 years of practical hospital experience, the structure is advanced and reasonable, it is divided into grade I, II and III operating room, the box body cold plate spray plastic, the next frame all stainless steel, beautiful and durable. The clean air supply ceiling device is based on the leading leakage layer technology at home and abroad, the use of this device can be reasonable distribution of clean room airflow, effectively ensure indoor cleanliness (air supply surface level 100) .

 USES: LAMINAR CEILING ADOPTS AIR cleaning technology to control microbial pollution in different degrees, to control the cleanliness of the air in the space environment suitable for all kinds of operations; and to provide appropriate temperature and humidity, create a clean and comfortable operating space environment. It can be widely used in hospital clean operating room, clean ward, clean animal room, etc.

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