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  • Operating room sink
  • Operating room sink
Operating room sinkOperating room sink

Operating room sink

  • BRAND: ChengJing hi-tech
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  • Installation: Embedded
  • Product description: Operating room sink

Operating room sink

Medical sinks, also known as operating room sinks, are widely used in operating rooms, sterile rooms, laboratories, and other high-health requirements. Operation room hand-washing classification: pool medical pool style induction, knee touch, foot type, in line with the purification requirements, no need for manual opening of the faucet, can be used for water cleaning features. The sink is made of high-quality SUS304-2B stainless steel, integrated pool body, no weld, more solid and reliable, induction faucet so that users can complete the cleaning work without need; For cleaning room; Equipped with lighting, automatic induction faucet, sieve mesh type fall into the water, beautiful and generous shape, easy to use; It can be configured as a heating function(electric water heater), automatic soap dispenser, etc.. Single, double and multi-bit designs provide various types for users to choose from; Handwashing dry mobile phones are hand washing equipment for surgical medical personnel and food workshop personnel. The sink can use human sensing, automatically water supply, and avoid touching by the hands of users, effectively preventing cross-infection when washing hands. The overall use of high quality 304 stainless steel production, the inside of the sink with arc angle, seamless welding, depth polishing treatment.
Description: Stainless steel thickness is 1.2 mm or 1.5 mm, with its own 50L electric water heater, water temperature can be freely set, water knee touch and induction two methods, each hand washing position with independent mirror lights and mirrors, wash sink with a special slope design, It can effectively prevent water splashing to the outside of the sink. Each nozzle is set independently and does not affect the use of other spouts. It is convenient to use and maintain.
[ 0001] The utility model relates to a device, in particular to a sink.
[ 0002] The sink is a device used by medical personnel or patients to wash their hands and is used to clean dirt on their hands. At present, the hand sink on the market generally uses induction automatic water supply, no need to use personnel, effectively prevent cross-infection in the washing hands, beautiful appearance, durable. However, there are the following problems in the use of existing sinks: Due to the use of easily blocked items such as cotton wool, it is inevitable that these easily blocked items accidentally fall into the sink. If these easily blocked items are not timely, it is easy to block the sink. mouth, It affects the hand washing of medical personnel or patients, and these clogged items are deposited at the bottom of the sink for a long time, easily contaminating the sink. Utility model content
[ 0003] The purpose of the utility model is to solve the existing problems mentioned above and provide a wash basin, which can effectively prevent cross-infection in the wash hands, prevent the mouth of the wash basin from blocking, and maintain the overall cleaning effect
[ 0004] The utility model relates to a sink, including a cabinet body, a pool body and a side panel. The pool body is located on the cabinet body, the side panel is located on both sides of the cabinet body and the pool body, and an induction faucet is provided on the pool body. Its characteristics are: The pool body is equipped with a filtration device. The filter device includes a filter frame and a filter net. The filter frame is set up on the pool body. The filter frame is set on the filter frame. At least ten fixed rods are installed on the filter frame. The fixed rods are evenly distributed on the filter frame. The fixed rods are set. Above the filter net, The rotating connection on the fixed rod has a rotating rod, and a filtering gap is formed between the adjacent two rotating rods. One end of the fixed rod is set on the side wall of the pool body, and a bucket is provided on the side plate. The groove body uses modern ergonomic design, and the water will not splash on the body when cleaning; Goose neck faucet, reliable; Equipped with lighting system, the shape is beautiful and easy to use. This medical sink style has induction, knee touch, foot type three, without the need for personnel to open the faucet, can be used for water cleaning. *
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