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How to detect leakage on site after installation of high efficiency filter?

After installation of high efficiency filter site leak detection is to confirm high efficiency filter and supporting installation static pressure box, no leakage or trace leakage is found within the scope of the specification. If the high efficiency filter device is qualified, it can ensure the safe and reliable operation of the cleaning room. If the cleanliness in the room is still not up to the standard, the reason should be found from other aspects of the cleaning room.

The leak detection after installation of the high efficiency filter is different from the efficiency test of the filter manufacturer in the factory. The latter only tests the efficiency of the filter and other related performance, while the former involves leaks caused by multiple factors related to the efficient filter and installation process.

When detecting leakage, the aerosol is introduced from the upper side of the high-efficiency filter, and at the same time, the leakage is scanned on the lower side of the high-efficiency filter to detect leakage of the filter medium of the high-efficiency filter, the sealant filter frame, and the sealing gasket.

In the detection, if there are too many indoor interference factors, in order to eliminate interference, an isolation cover can be added to the outlet of the air outlet and tested inside the cover. The data for this inspection is more accurate.

In particular, it should be noted that the leakage detection between the filter and the installation frame can be detected along the installation frame, or the leakage can be detected on the section of the airflow box body, but the interference of the air suction flow must be eliminated, and ash accumulation interference on the box body must be avoided. In particular, the sampling port can not contact the frame of the high-efficiency air outlet box or filter.

The DOP input device and concentration detector must be provided on the upper side of the high efficiency filter when the DOP is detected. These two tubes can also be used to detect the resistance of the filter.


(1) After the installation of an efficient filter, leakage must be checked;

(2) To calculate the amount of DOP dust and system wind, determine the DOP import location;

(3) To measure the particle concentration upstream of an efficient filter;

(4) According to the specification, the correct K value needs to be determined according to the particle size of 0.5 μm. If a particle size other than 0.5 μm is used to detect leakage, it is recommended that the K value can be determined according to the ISO14644-3 standard;

(5) It is recommended to use a 28.3 L/min particle counter to detect leakage. If a 2.83 L/min particle counter is used, the scan speed must be controlled.


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