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FFU laminar flow cover related maintenance notes

FFU laminar flow cover related maintenance notes

The maintenance notes of FFU laminar flow cover are as follows:

一、According to the cleanliness of the environment, THE FFU fan filter unit will replace the filter (the primary filter is generally 1-6 months, the HEPA filter is generally 6-12 months, and the HEPA filter cannot be cleaned)

二、On a regular basis (usually once every two months) with dust particle counter measure with this product purification clean area cleanliness, when measured cleanliness does not accord with requirement of cleanliness, should find out the reason (if there is leakage, high efficiency filter, etc.) if there is a failure, if efficient filter has failed, it should be replaced a new hepa filter.

三、FFU laminar flow hood replacement hePA filter and primary filter should be stopped.

四、Note the following when replacing the HEPA filter of the FFU fan filter unit:

1.When replacing the HEPA filter in the filter unit of FFU machine, special attention should be paid to the integrity of the filter paper when unpacking, handling, installation and use, and it is forbidden to touch the filter paper and cause damage.

2.Before FFU installation, put the new HEPA filter in the light to observe whether the HEPA filter is damaged due to transportation and other reasons with naked eyes. If the filter paper has leaks, it cannot be used.

3.When REPLACING the HEPA filter, FFU should lift the box first, then take out the ineffective HEPA filter and replace it with a new HEPA filter (note that the air flow arrow mark of the HEPA filter should be consistent with the direction of the air flow out of the purification unit), ensure that the frame is sealed, and then put the box cover back to the original position.


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