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What is a high efficiency filter?

What is a high efficiency filter?

The word high-efficiency filter box should sound strange to everyone, but it is also easy to understand that high-efficiency filter is simply a purification device made by high-efficiency filter and static pressure box. The high-efficiency filter is actually similar to the wind shower. The main components are composed of fans or efficient filters:

1, high-efficiency filter box is mainly used in electronics, medicine, food, semiconductor manufacturing, atomic force research, precision machinery, cosmetics and other requirements for high cleanliness.

2, high efficiency filter box by the box body, high efficiency filter, flange, hanging ear, maintenance board and other components. The main material of the box can be selected: cold steel plate multi-layer acid washing electrostatic spray or all stainless steel composition. (Stainless steel SUS201, SUS304, SUS316, etc., thickness is generally 0.8 ~ 2.0 mm. ) Different materials have different price and cost of high-efficiency filter boxes. The high efficiency filter box is made of thin plate welding, which requires higher welding technology and grinding technology for welders.

3, efficient filter box configuration:

A high-efficiency filter box can be selected for high-efficiency filters according to the production environment, and a filter clean air delivery system can be effectively carried out at room temperature. There are optional high-volume high-efficiency filters, high-efficiency filters with partitions, non-partition high-efficiency filters, etc.. The filtration efficiency is 99.99 % @ 0.3 um.

B, the high-efficiency filter box in the high-temperature production environment can be selectively equipped with high-temperature and high-efficiency filters, the air temperature of the production line varies with the curing temperature, some up to 100-400 °C range; It is especially suitable for high-temperature clean oven or other high-grade clean high-temperature occasions.

C, high efficiency filter box can be selected according to the air supply system can be equipped with two types of self-powered fans and no fans


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