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Features and Use of DOP High Performance Filters

Liquid tank high efficiency filter, DOP high efficiency filter-full knife mouth seal high efficiency filter manufacturer-professional production of all kinds of high efficiency air filters professional manufacturers; The liquid tank sealant made of special silicone rubber is an elastic gel after curing. It acts as a seal in the liquid tank of an efficient air filter. An airtight sealing effect can be formed in the aluminum tank, and the DOP efficient filter filters the dust again through the top filter material and filter through the rough and cautious air. Liquid groove sealant is a special kind of silicone rubber, which has the advantages of anti-aging and other advantages, such as increasing flexibility and resilience. Compared to the silicone pacifier seen in daily life, the silicone seal ring is much softer and is close to the softness of the human skin and muscles. When the bracket knife mouth touches the sealant, the sealant can be closely attached to the bracket knife mouth. Play a sealing role. After a long period of use, the surface of the liquid tank sealant will not appear to harden and crack, and maintain a good sealing effect.

The full cover liquid groove seals the keel profile corner connector, including the corner connection body, the two ends of which have a connection part, the connection part has a connection hole, and the corner connection body bottom two sides have a sinking groove filled with gel. The full cover liquid groove seal keel profile corner connector of the utility model has the advantage of preventing local leakage between the high-efficiency filter and the corner connector. There will always be a small amount of glue left after filling in the container will cure, do not dump the waste gum directly into the sewer or the ground. Specific treatment please comply with local garbage disposal laws and regulations. Power technology can not control or treat waste gum. Delivery to a local licensed recycling bin or other service provider or placement at a waste treatment plant is the best disposal method.

HEPA and ULPA use liquid tank filters mainly used in:





Genetic Research


Food Processing

Semiconductor Fabrication

Nuclear power station


◆    Leaktight Sealant

◆    Self-heating

◆    High viscosity

◆    No-Silicon based products

◆    NO-biological growth

◆    Easy component installation/removal

◆    No vapour pressure, no off-gassing and no weight loss

Technical parameters

Physical properties pectin(A) blue curing agent(B)

Density 0.92 kg/L, ie: 0.92 g/ccm 3 1.10 kg/L

Weight 3.5 kg 4.18 kg per gallon

Viscosity(CPS), 27 °C 600 260

Color clear blue

In order to ensure that air can only enter the dust-free room through the filter material, it must be sealed around the partition of the efficient filter. The simple method is to glue the partition board and the frame with a adhesive seal, which ensures that all the air is filtered into the dust-free room. Considering that the filter material needs to be replaced after a period of time, the general sealant is disassembled. Inconvenient, so it is necessary to use a jelly seal. He has flexibility, good elasticity, flexibility, etc. to ensure good sealing performance; It can absorb the strain force generated by thermal expansion and cooling, and can not appear cracks to prevent leakage; There is also a need to maintain the flexibility of the colloid for a long time, and the surface can not be hardened, cracking and other phenomena.

The groove sealant and the groove wall adhere well. If the filter is moved or removed, the gel will be easily separated from the filter, return to elasticity, and can automatically restore the sealing effect. Excellent weather resistance, excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, can absorb the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction without cracking, moderate soft hardness, and good elasticity recovery. The two-component liquid tank sealant is used in 1:1 mixture, which is convenient for weighing, and it is convenient for filling and sealing after mixing. There is no exhaust gas, waste liquid, and waste residue discharge.

The solidification of the mixed colloids of the A and B components of the liquid sealant begins. The longer the mixing time, the thicker the colloid will become. When the gel becomes too thick, the bubbles generated by the mixing and stirring can not be released, affecting the sealing effect. To ensure that there are no bubbles in the cured glue, fill the glue as soon as possible within 30 minutes after the glue is mixed, so that the glue is automatically foam in the liquid tank. Under the condition of 27 °C, the operating time of our rubber mixture will be longer than 30 minutes, the non-flow time will be about 60 minutes, the overall curing time will be 4-8 hours, and the warming will accelerate the curing.

The product of the A and B components of the liquid sealant is valid for 12 months before mixing, and it is more than 12 months. A small amount of proportional mixing can be observed to cure time and cure effect. If there is no significant difference, it can be used normally. The placement time is long, and a small amount of blue pigment will appear in the B component, which will not affect the curing and sealing effect of the colloid, and can be used after mixing. The blue pigment has no special function in the glue and is only an indication of the difference between the A and B components and the glue.

The liquid tank sealant has a good sealing effect in a wide range, which ranges from -60 °C to 200 °C. Glue can have a good sealing effect at low temperature, installing filters or moving filters, there is no limit to the temperature. But before you use it, you need to do experiments to confirm the effect.


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