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Application of chemical air filter in laboratory

The first is set up in the university, subordinate to the university or by the University of the charge of the laboratory.For example, the cavendish laboratory at University of Cambridge, the Physics Laboratory at Moscow University, the Cryogenic Laboratory at Leiden University in the Netherlands, the Physics Laboratory at Manchester University in the United Kingdom, and so on. II. The second category of laboratories belongs to national or even international institutions and is jointly operated by several countries. They are mostly engaged in basic measurement, high-end projects, large-scale research projects, and defense military tasks. The third type of laboratory directly belongs to the Industrial Enterprise Sector, for the development of industrial technology and research services. Among the best known are the Bell Labs and IBM Research Labs. The laboratory is the place to carry out experiments, is the production of science and technology, so the National Investment in the laboratory is very large. Nowadays many university laboratories are places for teachers and graduate students to do their daily work. In the 20th century, a variety of physics laboratories mushroomed and research work was widely carried out. It can be said that the laboratory is the cradle of science and the base of scientific research. Therefore, the chemical air filter, the living carbon filter, the primary effect filter -- the chemical air filter in the laboratory application experiment internal environment request is also quite high: The cleanliness request, the constant temperature and humidity request, the management request and so on, purification equipment is undoubtedly one of the options to meet these requirements as far as possible. Ffu Fan filter unit, Clean Wardrobe, clean worktable, clean room special vacuum cleaner, etc. are essential cleaning equipment in the laboratory. With the rapid development of China's economy, science and technology products are becoming more and more important. More Science and technology products will need more science and technology talents and more laboratories will be built. There will be a certain gap between China's science and technology laboratories and those in developed countries, but this gap has been narrowing dramatically. While China's domestic laboratories are keeping pace with those in developed countries, they are also constantly raising their requirements, must meet the relevant standards in order to carry out normal operations. At the same time, has also promoted the purification equipment industry standard further enhancement.

Biological Laboratory Classification 1. General Biosafety Laboratories (do not use Vertebrata and insects). 2. Lab VERTEBRATA, Biosecurity Protection Lab. Biological Laboratory classification, each type of Biosafety Protection Laboratory according to the handling of microorganisms and their toxins are divided into four levels of harm. The Biological Safety Protection Requirements of laboratories at all levels are as follows: the first level is the lowest, and the fourth level is the highest. SCOPE OF LABORATORY 1. Level I Biosafety Protection Laboratory, laboratory structure and facilities, safety operating procedures, safety equipment for healthy adults known to have no pathogenic effects of microorganisms, such as for the teaching of ordinary microbiology laboratory. 2. Class II Biosafety Protection Laboratory, laboratory structure and facilities, safety operating procedures, safety equipment for microorganisms with moderate potential hazards to human beings or the environment. 3. Class III Biosafety Protection Laboratory, laboratory structure and facilities, safety operating procedures and safety equipment are applicable to pathogenic microorganisms and their toxins that cause serious or even fatal diseases to be transmitted to humans mainly by inhalation, there is usually a vaccine available to prevent infection. HIV Research (except serological experiments) should be carried out in a Level III Biosafety Protection Laboratory. 4. Level 4 Biosafety Protection Laboratory, laboratory structure and facilities, safety operating procedures, safety equipment suitable for human body has a high risk of transmission through Aerosol route or transmission route unknown, at present, there is no effective vaccine or treatment for pathogenic microorganisms and their toxins. Unknown microorganisms similar to those described above must also be carried out in a biosafety level 4 laboratory. Sufficient data are available to determine whether such organisms or toxins should be handled in a level IV or lower-level laboratory. Chemical Air filter, activated carbon filter, primary filter-application of chemical air filter in the laboratory, experimental Vertebrata, Biosecurity Protection Laboratory, its scope of application is the same as that of a General Biosafety Protection Laboratory of the same level. At present, there are four national laboratories in China, namely: 1. Synchrotron Radiation National Laboratory University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei)2. National Laboratory of electron-positron colliders, Institute of High Energy Physics (Beijing)3. National Laboratory of heavy ion accelerator, Institute of Modern Physics (Lanzhou)4. The materials science has approved the construction of five new national laboratories, namely: 1. Condensed Matter Physics, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences 2. Hefei National Laboratory for microscale material science, China University of Technology 3. Wuhan Photoelectric National Laboratory, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc. . National Laboratory of Information Science and technology, Tsinghua University. Beijing National Laboratory of Molecular Sciences, Peking University, Other National Laboratories of the Institute of Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Qingdao National Laboratory of Marine Science and technology, relying on the Ocean University of China, the National Laboratory for Aerospace Science and Technology, and the National Laboratory for Population and health, the National Laboratory for the study of major diseases, relying on the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences'National Laboratory for Nuclear Energy -- magnetically confined nuclear fusion, the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Hefei, and the Southwest Institute of Nuclear Physics'National Laboratory for clean energy -- Relying on the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics for Advanced Manufacturing, 成都高科净化设备有限公司 target='_blank'>shanghai Jiao Tong University for quantum control, based on the Nanjing University, the National Laboratory for Protein Science, and the Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Laboratory for Modern Rail Transit, relying on Southwest Jiaotong University 10 agriculture —— Modern Agriculture National Laboratory, relying on China Agricultural University Chemical Air filter, activated carbon filter, primary effect filter -- Chemical Air filter in the laboratory application.


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