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Common sense of efficient filters

The application scope of high-efficiency filters is mainly the end filtering of pharmaceutical, civil or industrial cleaner sites with higher requirements for cleanliness in the electronics, semiconductors, precision machinery, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and food industries.

Since efficient filters are generally used as filters, the requirements for efficient filters are also the most stringent, and of course additional attention is required.

First, we need to remind customers that the most fundamental and simple way to extend the life of an efficient filter is to keep dust out of the prefilter. In other words, ensure that the air flow exposed to the high-efficiency filter is the air filtered by the pre-filter, rough filter, and medium filter. The air at this time should reach 99. 95 % of the dust is smaller and less polluting. What needs to be clarified here is that replacing pre-filters generally does not require the suspension of production or other normal work plans and arrangements. After installation, no debugging is required to ensure the normal operation of air conditioning new air equipment. So experienced customers focus on prefilters. For highly clean areas such as 10,000 and 100,000 clean plants or operating rooms, pre-filtration can use F8 filtration(95 % colorimetric method). In this way, the useful life of the terminal efficient filter can generally reach 5 years. In foreign projects and new projects in China. F8 filter is the most common pre-filter for non-uniform flow cleaning rooms. For chip factories with clean plants of level 100, level 10 or higher, the common efficiency level of pre-filters is H10(MPPS 85 %), and many new projects simply use HEPA(the filtration efficiency of 0.37 M particles is 99.97 %). In the past clean room air conditioning system design in China, the common configuration of filters is: rough effect, medium effect, and high efficiency. At that time, the service life of the terminal efficient filter was only 1-3 years, and the worst was only a few months. It can be seen that the prefiltration efficiency determines the service life of the terminal filter.

In some cases, the regulations for the use of efficient filters are not due to resistance considerations, but other factors. If hydrofluoric acid is present in the factory building and the air-conditioning in the workshop is not a full-wind system, the glass fiber filter paper of the efficient filter will be The corrosion of the wind. For safety, efficient filters must be replaced regularly. At present, some Grade III A hospitals and pharmaceutical factories in the country will actively replace high-efficiency filters after the rainy season each year. The main purpose is to prevent any possible mold pollution on the filters. In some countries, level III A hospitals, laboratory biology laboratories and laboratories dealing with dangerous goods will use new high-efficiency filters in order to ensure safety and reliability before embarking on a new vital subject.

This is the principle of the assembly of medical air filters, through the principle of the analysis of the medical air filter workflow, let us more in-depth understanding of medical air filters.


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