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FFU Layer Curtain Ventilation Equipment(Class 100 Purification Equipment)

FFU Layer Curtain Ventilation Equipment(Class 100 Purification Equipment)
FFU layer flow:
The English name is Fan Filter Unit, and the Chinese language is the fan filter unit. The FFU layer hood fan filter unit can be used modular, and the FFU is widely used in cleaning rooms, clean worktables, clean production lines, assembled cleaning rooms, and local hundred grades.
The FFU layer fairing is equipped with a primary and an efficient two-level filter. The fan inhale the air from the top of the FFU and filter it through a high-efficiency filter. The filtered clean air is sent out at a uniform speed of 0.45 M/S ± 20 % wind speed throughout the air outlet.
Using the latest United States technology, suitable for obtaining a high-level clean environment in various environments. It provides high-quality clean air for clean rooms and microenvironments with different sizes and levels of cleanliness. In the new clean room, clean factory renovation and renovation, you can improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and vibration, can also greatly reduce the cost, convenient installation and maintenance, is an ideal part of the clean environment.
1. The fan adopts an imported wing centrifugal fan, which has long life, low noise, no maintenance, small vibration, and three-speed speed regulation. The fan quality is reliable, and the working theoretical life is as long as 30,000 hours or more;
2. Particularly suitable for assembly into ultra-clean production lines, which can be arranged for single use according to the needs of the process, or multiple units can be connected in series to form a 100-level assembly line;
3. The shell structure is made of spray plastic cold-rolled steel plate materials, which is light in weight, anti-corrosion, rust-proof, and beautiful;
4. Before the factory, METOME dust particle counters are scanned and tested according to the United States federal standard 209E, ensuring quality;
5. Wing centrifugal fans have the characteristics of energy conservation, computer centralized control, stable operation, low noise, and digital speed regulation. In the case of high efficiency filter initial resistance, it can save more than 50 % of energy, the actual operating cost is low, and the three-speed speed adjustment function.
6. HEPA High Performance Filter
7. Circular wind pipe interface.


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