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FFU installation

FFU installation(illustrated)

The English name of FFU is(Fan Filter Unit), and the Chinese language is fan filter unit:

1, FFU purification level: static 100;

2, FFU wind speed: 0.3 / 0.35 / 0.4 / 0.45 / 0.5 m/s, FFU noise 60dB, FFU power supply is 220V, 50Hz. 3, 3, Box structure choice of high-quality aluminum plate, with light weight, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, beautiful and generous advantages.

4, the use of high efficiency centrifugal fans, long life, low noise, no maintenance, small vibration. 5, using a special flow channel and uniform flow system design, with low noise, the characteristics of uniform wind speed. 6, light weight, adopting modular installation method, so that the installation, replacement of filters and maintenance more convenient.

7, FFU can save space, to solve the problem of small maintenance space at the top of the clean room ceiling. FFU is self-powered. It is not limited by too many areas. It can be controlled according to production needs, partition control, and computer group control and remote control functions. 8, shorten the construction cycle. The FFU system saves energy significantly, thus solving the disadvantages of centralized air supply with large air conditioning room and increased operating cost of air conditioning units. The use of FFUs reduces the amount of time taken to make and install air pipes.

9, simple structure, safe and reliable, easy to use and maintain.

10, FFU reduce operating costs. FFU is simple and convenient in late operation and maintenance; It can be controlled and managed by zoning and energy conservation, and it truly meets the requirements of low carbonization advocated at present.

11, the structure characteristics of FFU independence, can be adjusted at any time, make up for the lack of cleanliness room mobility, thus solving the shortcomings of the production process should not be adjusted.

FFUs are particularly suitable for assembling into ultra-clean production lines. They can be arranged for single FFU stations according to the needs of the process, or they can form 100-level assembly lines for multiple FFUs.

The FFU installation method is different from the general efficient filter installation, as follows:

Conditions, environment and dress requirements of the installer of the FFU installation:

1, the clean room must have been closed at the time of installation, the new air conditioning to send clean air takes about 3 days, and the room is kept clean, no dust, all keel has been installed and leveled.

The installer shall be equipped with clean clothes, clean gloves to prevent human contamination of the FFU case and efficient filters.

It is recommended that the number of installation personnel per group be 6.

4, because the high-efficiency filter uses ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper, the filter material is easily broken and damaged, resulting in leakage. Therefore, no fall or collision with the filter shall be allowed during the process of handling, unpacking or installation, and no contact of the operator's fingers or other objects with the filter material shall be permitted.

The FFU installation details are described below:


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