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Solution of high efficiency air filter in microelectronics industry

In the design and test of microelectronics, with the increase of integration degree and complexity of integrated system, redundancy technology and fault-tolerant technology will be widely used in design technology. This The Book and the Sword Room Air cleanliness requirements will be more stringent, experts to introduce a high efficiency air filter solution on the microelectronics industry, more practical, clean room air quality guarantee! High-efficiency air filters are widely used in the air-conditioning Terminal Air Supply of clean-room in various industries. The size of IC lithography process is a decisive factor to promote the development of cleanliness requirements. The more advanced the technology, the smaller the size (see chart below) . The utility model has a good filtering and cleaning function. Leading wafer equipment, particulate filtration and AMC control are required. The role of HEPA filters in the microelectronics industry makes particle filtering and control of AMC a primary concern for Semiconductor industry, which has a high revenue and low return rate.



1987 1993 1998 2000 2006 2012


Information Capacity Megabit (m) , Gigabit (Γ)

1-4M 16-64M 256M 64Γ

Minimum lithography size, microns

0.8-1.0 0.35-0.6 0.25 0.15 0.10 0.05

Request Clean Room level

4 3-4 2 2 <1 <1 
The functional requirements of microelectronic products are getting higher and higher. If the particles falling on the integrated circuit are larger than 1% ~ 2% of the minimum lithography size, the integrated circuit will become a scrap. Metal particles, ions, bacteria and so on are the main culprits of waste products. The cleanliness of the air directly affects the yield of integrated circuit production. The investment scale is more and more big, the request to the quality level is more and more strict. Our ultra high efficiency filters can successfully filter 0.1 micron particles, in the future, will develop and produce more efficient air filtration technology to adapt to it is our bounden duty.

Failure to properly control particulates in cleanrooms or equipment or AMC will greatly reduce the company's operating profit. The most important problem of clean room is the pollution of products, tools, processing and odor control. In 1962, the transistor called as Transistor Management Logic Circuit and emitter borrow logic circuit were produced. Mos Integrated Circuit appeared. Because of the advantage of MOS circuit in high integration and the influence of integrated circuit on electronic technology, integrated circuit develops more and more quickly.

In fact, without the assistance of computer, the integration of integrated circuit will be very large over 106 pieces of 107 components, to achieve the full picture on the integration of a complex micro-electronic system. The design of more complex lsi circuits is impossible. Since the 1970s, great progress has been made in the design of integrated circuits using computers. The computer-aided design, device simulation, circuit simulation, logic simulation, layout and wiring computer aided design, and other programs have been successfully studied, it has developed into a hybrid computer-aided design system that includes algorithms such as check and optimization, and even a full set of computer-aided design systems.

Computer Management of Integrated Circuit Manufacturing has also begun to be realized. In addition, in line with the rapid development of large-scale integration and ultra-large-scale integration, significant advances have been made in device materials science and technology, test science and computer-aided testing, packaging technology and ultra-clean room technology. With the rapid development of electronic technology, micro-fabrication technologies such as electron beam, ion beam, x-ray photocopying and dry etching are becoming more and more perfect, high Quality ultra-thin Oxide Layer, new ion implantation annealing technology, high conductivity and high melting point metal with its silicide metallization and shallow ohmic junction, etc. .

In the 1970s, the high efficiency air filter (hef) in the microelectronics industry made the microelectronics technology enter a new stage centered on large scale integrated circuit (LSI) . With the increasing of integrated density and the development of integrated circuit, the design of integrated circuit is becoming more and more complex, time-consuming and expensive. The MegaCel filter is designed specifically for the demanding semiconductor industry, involving production areas, modular areas, and small or micro environments.


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