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Definition and Principle of Unflow Cleansing Room

The turbulent clean room is a kind of clean room, and many companies may not be familiar with it. Today, the small editor to the turbulent clean room to make a detailed introduction to the relevant content, interested friends can do more to understand.

一、Definition and Principle of Unflow Cleansing Room

The turbulent clean room is defined as a clean room with uneven velocity, non-parallel flow, and backflow or Eddy current.

The working principle of the turbulent clean room is to continuously dilute the indoor air by the air flow, gradually dilute the polluted air, and finally achieve indoor cleanliness. In simple terms, it is to send a clean air flow from the air outlet into the room and drain almost the same amount of air flow from the air outlet, so that the Clean air flow quickly spreads around, mixes, and dilutes the indoor polluted air. The original concentration of dust in the indoor air diluted, until the balance. Therefore, the faster the air flow spreads, the more uniform, the better the dilution effect. The principle of turbulent cleaning room is dilution.

二、 turbulence cleaning room characteristics

The turbulent clean room is based on multiple ventilation to achieve indoor cleanliness. The number of ventilation times determines the level of purification in the turbulent cleaning room. In general, the more ventilation times, the higher the purification level.

1, self-purification time: refers to the clean room according to the number of times the design of air to the clean room to send the air, indoor dust concentration to the designed purification level. 1 000 level turbulence cleaning room recommended not to exceed 20 min(minutes)(15 min calculation is desirable), 10 000 level turbulence cleaning room recommended not to exceed 30 min(minutes)(25 min calculation is desirable), 100, The turbulence cleaning room of Class 000 is recommended not to exceed 40 min(minutes)(30 min calculation is desirable).

2, the number of air exchange times: The air exchange times are generally designed according to the above-mentioned self-cleaning time requirements. In general, the 1,000 level turbulence cleaning room is 43.5 to 55.3 times per hour(specification: 50 times per hour), and the 10,000 level turbulence cleaning room is 23.8 to 28.6 times per hour(specification: 25 times per hour). The 100,000-level turbulence cleaning room is 14.4-19 .2 / hour(specification: 15 / hour).

三、 New Breeze Requirements for Turbulence Cleansing Room

According to the relevant provisions of the "Clean Factory Design Code", the new wind volume of the turbulent clean room should not be less than 10 % -30 % of the total wind volume. Of course, in the specific operation process, it can also be based on the specific function of the cleaning room. For example, in the animal laboratory cleaning room, because of the need to deodorize, in principle, the new wind should be used completely


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