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Chengdu roof filter cotton production process

Filter cotton production process in Chengdu roof:

1, using the anti-fracture organic synthetic fiber composed of high-performance thermal melting process; Incremental structure, using the gradual encryption of multiple layers of technology, that is, the fiber density in the direction of pure air gradually increases, and the higher filtration efficiency, depending on the size of the dust, can be blocked at different density levels, more effective to accommodate more dust.

2, viscous treatment, filter material after full immersion glue, because the adhesive completely penetrated the medium so that dust particles can not pass, so that the overall filter air flow evenly spread, forming a layer of flow state, to achieve the best spray effect. There are three kinds of spray glue, surface spray glue.

3, Chengdu roof filter cotton filter surface is particularly dense, but also added a layer of grid mesh to strengthen the stereotypes, this structure allows the filter material to maintain a higher filtration efficiency and dust content, but also can extend the Chengdu roof filter cotton filter The service life of the material, In addition to ensuring good air quality, the filter material itself is relatively low in resistance, so it also saves system operating costs.

Chengdu roof filter cotton roof filter cotton is mainly used for painting factories, paint houses, paint houses and other air filtration, mainly used for roof filtration, improve indoor air cleanliness, so that the indoor formation of positive pressure.


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