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Common trouble management in the windroom

Chengdu air shower room is a kind of local purification equipment, which is installed between clean room and non-clean room. However, there will be some problems in the use of the Chengdu wind shower room, how should we deal with it?
1, power switch. Usually there are four places in the Chengdu Wind Rain Room that can cut off the power supply:
1, Chengdu wind shower outdoor box power switch;
2, the control panel of Chengdu wind shower indoor box body;
3, Chengdu wind shower on both sides of the outer box body(where the power switch can prevent the emergency to cut off the power, effectively improve the staff's personal safety). When the power indicator light is not available, it is not necessary to re-check the power supply of the above four Chengdu air shower rooms.
Second, when the wind turbine in Chengdu does not work. When Chengdu wind shower room does not work, the first time to check whether Chengdu outdoor box body emergency switch is cut off, if it is certain to cut off, with a hand gently press, to the right to rotate loose hand can be.
Third, Chengdu Wind Rain Room fan reversal or Chengdu Wind Rain Room wind speed is very small, please must check whether the 380V three-phase four-wire line is connected back, generally Chengdu Wind Rain Room manufacturers will have a dedicated electrician connection line; If the line source of the Chengdu Wind Rain Room is connected, the light will cause the wind turbine in the Chengdu Wind Rain Room to not work or reverse the wind speed of the Chengdu Wind Rain Room to decrease, and the heavy wind will burn the circuit board of the entire Chengdu Wind Rain Room; It is recommended to use Chengdu wind shower enterprises not lightly to replace wiring, because production needs to be determined to move, please consult Chengdu wind shower factory solution.
Fourth, Chengdu wind shower room is not blown. In addition to the above three points, it is also necessary to check whether the emergency stop key inside the box of the Chengdu wind shower room is pressed. If the emergency stop key is colored, the Chengdu wind shower room will not be blown. To press the emergency stop button again, it can work normally.
5, Chengdu wind shower room can not automatically sense blowing, please check the Chengdu wind shower box in the lower right corner of the light system, to see whether the device installed correctly, if the two sides of the light is opposite and the light is normal, can automatically sense blowing.
When wind speed is very low for a period of time, please check whether the primary and high efficiency filters in Chengdu are too dusty. If so, please replace the filter. (Chengdu wind shower primary filter is generally replaced within 1-6 months, Chengdu wind shower efficient filter is generally replaced within 6-12 months)


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