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Design characteristics of 100-stage laminar flow cover in dust-free workshop [Medical, Pharmaceutical, food, laboratory, chemical testing]

Design characteristics of 100-stage laminar flow cover in dust-free workshop [Medical, Pharmaceutical, food, laboratory, chemical testing]:

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Dust-free workshop refers to a specially designed room that eliminates particles, harmful gases, bacteria and other pollutants in the air within a certain space range, and controls the indoor temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow speed and airflow distribution, noise and vibration, lighting and static electricity within a certain demand range. Its indoor can maintain the original set requirements of cleanliness, temperature and humidity and pressure performance.

Design features of 100-class laminar flow cover in dust-free workshop:

1. The overall design idea of the 100-stage laminar flow hood is to adopt modular design, and each unit is composed separately, which can be installed and debugable by equipment.

2. In terms of the installation form and sealing of the filter, the installation structure of the liquid tank sealing hePA filter can technically ensure that there is no leakage of air pollution downstream of the filter, and it is easy to install and replace.

3, fan box adopts external rotor directly connected fan, easy installation and maintenance. In the return air inlet can be set is the primary filter filter, at the same time installed differential pressure gauge, convenient replacement if necessary.

4, static pressure box part, because here is a positive pressure structure, the sealing requirements in the ceiling are not very high, so it can simplify the requirements on the structure.

5, lighting using tear type lamps, maintenance and replacement with universal.

6, flow and air supply panel, using European technology imported polymer flow film, with low resistance, uniform air flow and high light transmittance, can be convenient for cleaning and installation.

7. The 100-level laminar flow hood is a device that forms vertical laminar flow after a certain wind speed passes through the primary effect filter and the high-efficiency filter to create a local high cleanliness environment, which can make the local working environment reach 100-level.

The 100-class laminar flow cover is an air purification unit that can provide a clean environment for local dust-free workshop. It can be flexibly installed above the process point of dust-free workshop that requires high cleanliness. The clean laminar flow cover can be used individually or combined into a strip clean area.

100 laminar flow hood is a vertical one-way flow, provide local clean 100 environment, dust-free aseptic purification equipment; It can be flexibly placed above the process point requiring high cleanliness to meet the environmental requirements of local process point requiring high cleanliness. Compared with civil construction or assembly class 100 clean room, clean laminar flow cover has the advantages of low investment, fast start-up, low requirements for plant civil construction, simple installation and low operating costs.

Application and application range:

A, can be used in pharmaceutical, microbial research and scientific experiments and other places dedicated local purification equipment, it provides A vertical one-way air flow, part of the clean air circulation in the working area, part of the discharge to the nearby area, so that the working area produces negative pressure, prevent cross-pollution, to ensure the high cleanliness of the working area environment.

B. Weighing and packing dust and reagents in the equipment can control the overflow and rise of dust and reagents, prevent the inhalation harm of dust and reagents to human body, avoid the cross pollution of dust and reagents, and protect the external environment and the safety of indoor personnel. Clean laminar flow cover is the air through the hePA filter at a certain wind speed, the formation of uniform flow layer, so that the clean air is vertical unidirectional flow, so as to ensure that the working area to meet the process requirements of cleanliness.

Application range: medical, pharmaceutical, edible fungi, food testing, laboratory, chemical testing and other production sites requiring high cleanliness;

Three forms of laminar flow hood :(1) ceiling lifting; (2) Hanging screw hoisting; (3) Frame laminar flow hood

Laminar flow hood air inlet mode: 1. 2. Side air inlet;

Laminar flow cover air supply form: top or side into the air, the lower part of the air, the outlet distance from the work area within 1 meters is better;

Laminar flow cover accessories: according to the need to configure lighting lamps, ULTRAVIOLET sterilization lamp, anti-static soft curtain;

Laminar flow hood control mode: three speed control, air outlet wind speed is about 0.45-0.65m/s.

Best level of laminar flow hood is under the environment of low cleanliness, create local environment with high degree of cleanliness, device, can make local work environment to achieve best level, but independent form return air system or connected to the pipe system, purification area of flexible, low noise centrifugal fan and shock absorbing device, for the installation of suspension or brace form, enclosure is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, solid structure, The electrical system is safe and reliable. The 100-class clean laminar flow hood is widely used in electronics, medicine, national defense, science and technology, biological engineering and other fields. It is the ideal equipment to meet the requirements of high purification level in low purification area.

The 100-class laminar flow cover is widely used in precision electronic device operation room and pharmaceutical workshop safe washing, drying, filling and sealing line, antibiotic bottle washing, drying, filling and sealing line, oral liquid bottle washing, drying, filling and sealing line, large infusion production line clean air supply treatment and other environments.

Working principle of 100-stage laminar flow hood:

The 100-stage laminar flow hood adopts the air flow form of vertical unidirectional flow. The air supply should be pre-filtered through the primary effect filter to dispose of the large particles of dust particles in the air flow. After pretreatment, the air is filtered through hePA filter for secondary filtration to fully protect the HEPA filter. Under the pressure provided by the centrifugal fan and through the high efficiency filter, it can meet the clean requirements. All airflow is processed by hePA filter, so the air supply and exhaust do not bring residual dust, to avoid secondary pollution. Due to the formation of stable unidirectional flow in the work area, it plays a role in protecting the external environment.


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