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Ultra clean working table operating procedures

Ultra clean working table operating procedures

Objective: To establish a standard operating procedure for the use, maintenance and cleaning of ultra-clean worktables and standardize the operation process.

Scope of application: This standard applies to the use, maintenance and maintenance and cleaning of ultra-clean worktables.

Responsibilities: Operator to implement this procedure, online QA is responsible for supervision and inspection.

4 Content

4.1 The main components of the ultra-clean worktable: high efficiency filters, medium efficiency filters, ventilators, electrical control and exhaust pipe parts.

4.2 Selection of the placement point:

4.2.1 The doors and Windows shall be kept in a place of good hygiene, easy to clean, and sealed to avoid the effect of polluted air on the interior.

4.2.2 Place areas away from vibration and noise.

4.2.3 It is strictly forbidden to place large dust particles and large airflow areas to ensure normal air flow in the operating area.

4.3 Pre-use checks:

4.3.1 Connect the power to the ultra-clean table.

4.3.2 The fan switch shall be turned on to enable the fan to begin normal operation, at which point the wind coming out of the efficient filter shall be checked for airflow.

4.3.3 Check that the lighting and ultraviolet equipment is working properly and, if not, notify the Ministry of Engineering to repair it.

4.3.4 The environment and air around the workbench must be ultra-clean before work is done, cleaning must be done carefully, and ultraviolet sterilization must be used to sterilize.

4.3.5 It is strictly forbidden to store unnecessary items in the decontamination work area to keep the flow of clean air free from interference.

4.4 Use:

4.4.1 When using the work table, wipe the table with gauze soaked in cleaning liquid and then sterilize it with disinfectant.

4.4.2 Switch on the power supply, turn on the UV lamp 50 minutes in advance, disinfect the microorganisms accumulated on the surface of the worktable in the purification work area, and after 30 minutes, turn off the UV lamp and turn on the fan.

4.4.3 Do not store unnecessary items on the counter to keep the Clean air flow in the working area undisturbed.

4.4.4 After completion of operation, clean up the working table, collect various wastes, turn off the fan and lighting switch, and wipe and disinfect with detergent and disinfectant.

4.4.5 The UV light of the bench is finally turned on, and after 30 minutes of irradiation and disinfection, the UV light is turned off and the power is cut off.

4.4.6 Every February, the average wind speed in the working area is measured by anemometer. If it is found that it does not meet the technical standards, the regulator handle should be adjusted to change the fan input voltage so that the workbench is in the best possible condition.


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