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Constitution and Principle of 10000 Grade Clean House


Composition and Principle of 100-10000 Class Clean House

一、Introduction of Cleaning Room 
     Clean shed, also known as dust-free workstation, is a simple clean room for the fastest and most convenient establishment. It has a variety of cleanliness grades and space collocation can be designed and manufactured according to the needs of use. Therefore, its main characteristics are easy to use flexible large installation, short construction period and good migration. At the same time, it can also be used in some areas of general cleanroom. Seek high cleanliness places to do local additions to reduce costs.
      Clean room is now an indispensable and important facility in semiconductor industry, biochemistry, medicine, food industry, etc. It is becoming more and more precise. Compared with clean room grade requirements, the construction cost of clean room is also rising. In order to reduce the structural cost of clean room, new clean room design concept is provided. Mini clean unit (MINI-ENVIRONMEN ENCLOSURE) is modularized. Integrating design concepts, this structure is similar to SMIF type and has various independent clean areas. The only difference is that its transmission mode is not carried out by connecting arms, but operated by people outside the closed clean room. It has independent air conditioning and return air system. The advantages of this type are that the flexible compartment is easy to construct, the construction cost is low, and people can be effectively isolated from equipment and products. This method can make man-made dry. Harassment and pollution can be minimized, and the product yield can be directly improved.


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