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National Standard for testing and acceptance of high efficiency filters


    There are three national standards for testing and acceptance of HEPA filters, including "efficiency and resistance of experimental methods of hepa filter performance gb t 6165-2008" , "GB-T 13554-2008 HEPA filter" , the foreign standards include CGMP, IEST-RP-CC034 of the United States, EN1822 of the European Union, ISO14644-3 clean room and its controlled environmental measurement and test method. The leak detection methods and acceptance standards of high efficiency filters are different in each standard, in the GMP and IEST-RPCC034 standards, the permeability of high efficiency filter is 0.5 m, and that of photometer scanning is 0.01% . The European Union's EN1822 stipulates that the total efficiency of the H13 HEPA filter in the leak detection MPPS test is 99.99% and the local transmittance is 0.025% . In our country, GB 5059-2010 code for clean rooms and acceptance (with article description) and GB/t 13554-2008 hepa filter stipulate that the leakage rate of HEPA filter should be less than or equal to 0.01%


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